Team leader at a catering job
  1. Wore make up
    A bit of a heavy handed foundation that was slightly too tan for the rest of his completion.
  2. Had a pre-paid phone plan
    He had a burner phone and would get really mad at us if we called or texted with questions or to say we were running late. 'YOU FUCKING GUYS ARE USING UP ALL MY MINITES'.
  3. Lied
    One time he called me in a panic at 7:10 and said 'tim, where are you I had you on the schedule for 7!' I was at a target, and I had to buy a black shirt. When I showed up he said 'thank you so much for coming in on such short notice.' and acted like our phone conversation hadn't happened. I checked the schedule and I wasn't on it for that night.
  4. Disappeared
    He didn't show up for work one night and no one could find him for weeks. A few weeks later we found out he was alive, but nothing more than that.