These motherfuckers
  1. This one motherfucker
    This one motherfucker big timed me once so bad by refusing to shake my hand that I would honestly give up three years of my life if it meant being able to see his end early.
  2. This one mother fucking stop light
    They installed a new stop light at this lame place in a town next to mine when I was in high school and to this day I have never come to a complete stop at it. I've gone so far as to creep out into the intersection to a dangerous degree but I have never stopped.
  3. Motherfucking blue m&m's
    Never eaten one.
  4. This one basketball playing motherfucker
    From a rival school. Me and my friends used to lay on our horns when we would drive past his house. I think because he had a dumb haircut and new Jordan's.
  5. There are so many more motherfuckers that I can't think of.
    Check for updates.