I'm sure there's more. Here's some of it though.
  1. Do nothing
    I was stressed about prepping for a role one time and a friend of mine, who is related to Harry Dean Stanton, related to me his advice to her. 'Do nothing.' Just don't do anything. Just show up. I always still prep but this advice makes much less stressed out because a lot of being on set is discovering things once you get there. I also just love the 'fuck em' punk rock aesthetic of it.
  2. Never judge your own success on the success of others.
    From my friend Kimberlee. We all have our own timelines, and we all have our own success. No one else is getting yours, or got your part. It was theirs. Yours are yours. It all comes at its time.
  3. Forgiveness rather than permission.
    From my friend Michael. He was running an audition and I told him I had a thought about an addition. I asked him to ask the director it was cool. He asked why wouldn't I just do it? Have them direct you away if they don't like it.
  4. Change minds
    One time I was auditioning for a cool movie for a role that was for a high schooler. I look youngish on good days but not that young. I told my manager Ben I didn't want to go in, because I clearly wasn't right for it. He said that my job was to go in and change their mind. That it was my job to prove to them that they were making a mistake by writing the character that way. I didn't get it, but it went really well and I feel like I have a connection with that director because of it.
  5. Make it joyous
    From Julia. Even if the subject matter is heavy the process should be joyous. If it isn't, what is the point of doing it?
  6. 10 minutes early is 5 minutes late
    Don't let people worry about you. Be on time. Also, being on time means they trust you and this shit is built on trust. This was from my high school basketball coach.
  7. Well, don't be too early.
    I've shown up for shit like 45 minutes early and I think that's just as stressful for people. Be appropriately early.
  8. Be Mid Maintenance
    Developed with our producer Steph. Low maintenance and you don't get the things you want. High maintenance and nobody wants to help you get the things you want. Be mid maintenance and everyone is happy. This means you don't get everything you want all the time though. But that's okay. You are mid maintenance.
  9. Ask
    Whatever it is. Just ask. The worst that can happen is they say no. This was from Reid Scott.
  10. Get yourself established
    The DP of Michelle Darnelle, Julio Macat, told me 'get yourself established in a really expensive shot. Then they can't replace you.' This might be the best advice I've ever received.