Things I Am Doing

I've never been so scared of a thing so this is what I'm doing
  1. I'm gonna stay of twitter as much as I can
    It's no goddamned good for my mental health, but I like jokes and information so I can't give it up altogether. I'm thinking about a morning and evening check in. I'll adjust as need be.
  2. I've subscribed to the New York Times and The Washington Post
    BUT on top of that I am actively going to boycott liberal click bait rags like usuncut, thinkprogress, and occupydemocrats. We get caught up in fake news just as much as they do.
  3. Donate money and time
    ACLU and Planned Parenthood for starters. Southern Poverty Law Center. Suggestions welcome. I don't want money to take the place of physically being somewhere.
  4. Listen to the marginalized
    Accepting privilege, etc.
  5. Listen to Trump voters
    My tone is very different when shouting into the void on the internet, and it's if no use in real life. I think and helping people see other sides of a competing view could be of help. That doesn't mean 'accept bigotry'. So to that end...
  6. Nazi Punchings.
    I'm all fucking for them. I don't know if I personally will ouch a Nazi but you should be able to punch a Nazi. Everyone else has a shade of grey as to if you can punch them and I'm willing to listen to why or why not they should be, but smug bitch Nazis can get punched.
  7. Donald Trump
    I'm gonna call him a garbage ass bitch on twitter at least once a month. I'm gonna ridicule him at every possible opportunity. He deserves no respect, he has earned none.
  8. Leaks
    I'm not gonna support Wikileaks under any circumstances. I'm sick of that shit.
  9. I'm gonna take care of myself physically
    I'm going to outlive that motherfucker I don't care how bad the food is that will get me there.
  10. I'm gonna be kind to the people I love and to strangers.
    Fuck it, why not.
  11. I'm gonna get drunk every once in a while
    Again, fuck it. Why not. Sometimes there's no other option.
  12. Suggestions
    Please add ideas to this that I'm missing or you think would help