Things I think that are probably unpopular
  1. 40 weeks
    There is a particular look of discomfort that only exists in late stage pregnant women that I find, sometimes but not all times, massively funny.
  2. Breaking Bad
    I think in some of the early episodes are tonally dissonant and still consider THE SHIELD to be my fav show of all time. I hate that saying anything less than BB IS THE GREATEST SHOW OF ALL TIME is offensive and gets you put to the wall.
  3. Cable cutting
    It doesn't actually save you much money after buying every individual service and forces you to see commercials when if you just used a dvr'd then it would be fine.
  4. Ghostbusters
    I had no interest in a male reboot of ghostbusters and was massively excited when they announced the all-woman cast. If they left it at that I would have been happy. However now that there IS a woman cast leading the way I'm interested in seeing another team of ghostbusters in the same universe w/ Tatum and Pratt and don't think that it undercuts the feig / McCarthy / Wiig movie.
  5. Please add more to this
  6. Birdman
    Suggested by @yassirlester
  7. Thai Food
    Garbage juice sauce?
    Suggested by @Aliiice
  8. Nutella
    hazelnut is vile
    Suggested by @white_lightning
  9. Coconut Water
    Not refreshing. It tastes like sweet freshly mown grass water.
    Suggested by @minirachel
  10. Venice Beach
    I've been to Daytona, thanks.
    Suggested by @vp
  11. Water
    It doesn't taste good @white_lightning knows what's up
    Suggested by @lesleyarfin
  12. Traveling
    Suggested by @yassirlester