1. 'His brother is in jail. We have to stand up. '
  2. Showed up on time
    Failed to check the start time of a party. Showed up right when it started and literally no one was there. Felt massively awkward despite their assurance is was not. Later my early arrival was used in an article describing the lack of celebrity star power at this year's event.
  3. Showed up late
    Was not told there was an end time to a party. Showed up 20 minutes late. Was told they would check if I could still go in. Went like this: Me: no, it's okay. Security: no, we'll check for you. (Into walkie) we have a late guest can they still come in? Voice on Walkie: Who is it? S: what's your name? Me: It's really okay. I'll just go. S: what's your name? Me: Okay. Tim Simons. Security: (into walkie) Tim Simons 30 seconds go by V on W: no we're all done.
  4. Negged Bradley Cooper
    Told him I liked wet hot American Summer in a passing conversation. Proceeded to talk too much about Wet hot. Tried to break the ice by telling him I don't keep up with the biz had things gone well for him career wise since then.
  5. VF photo booth
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  6. Martin O Malley
    We know each other from Baltimore because we shoot there. He's cool. They asked me in an interview if I supported him over Hillary and I paused. Later, I spilled red wine all over him.
  7. Situation Room
    On a tour of the White House they let us go into the situation room and look around.
  8. Bachman
    Referred to Michelle Bachman as a dumpster fire of a candidate in an interview with CNN.
  9. Me the dude with the most followers on snapchat
    He said he 'just loves creating content'. That is a direct quote.