the greatest solo pop stars of the 1980s

the official power rankings of the greatest pop stars of the 1980s
  1. 1. prince
    ...and he is funky.
  2. 2. bruce springsteen
    the boss.
  3. 3. janet jackson
    hear me out on this...
  4. 4. madonna
    i know, you hate her. she could care less.
  5. 5. george michael
    the most under-rated pop star of the decade
  6. 6. michael jackson
    no, really, let me explain...
  7. 7. whitney houston
    she wins the all-time fantasy edition of american idol
  8. 8. bryan adams
    canada's answer to john mellencamp
  9. 9. stevie nicks
    she would make top 10 just for "stand back"
  10. 10. cyndi lauper
    ran neck & neck with pat benatar, but the rock n wrestling connection puts her over