One day I woke up and said 'Today I would like to paint a portrait of Whoopi Goldberg.' So I did.
  1. Oda Mae Brown, 'Can I keep this pen?'
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    The first and certainly the crudest. I was afraid to keep going because I was afraid I would ruin her. I have plans to do a whole Oda Mae/Rita Miller series.
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    She is my spirit animal
  3. Lloyd Dobbler
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    Duh. Dreamz.
  4. The Key Master/Louis Tully
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    Yes. Have some.
  5. Ray Stantz
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    The first in what will be the entire cast of Ghostbusters. This movie is a family obsession. This was my 2nd painting after Whoopi and was gifted to my parents.
  6. Margot Tenenbaum
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    Gifted to @white_lightning and @preston for their then new home in Berkley
  7. Delia Dietz
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    Gifted to Darbie Nowatka in hopes that one day we would be able to pull off the glove headband
  8. Cher Horowitz
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    Teen Dream
  9. Hollywood Montrose
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    I have never been more touched than when I was contacted by his daughter via Instagram. I happily gifted this painting to the Taylor family shortly before Mesach passed away.
  10. Mrs Reilly (and ONLY Mrs Reilly)
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    There's no such thing as small roles
  11. Mrs White
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    Heaving, breathing, breathless
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    This painting still makes me laugh pretty much every day.
  13. John Bender
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    Sexual. Human.
  14. Buzz's Girlfriend
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  15. Jareth, The Goblin King
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    The babe with power indeed
  16. Ouiser and Clairee
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    Gifted to one of my best and dearest friends, Tara, my very own pig from hell
  17. Dr Venkman
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    The most sexual of ALL the sexual humans.
  18. Joanna Staton
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    I'm still tacky
  19. Mary
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    A woman with no common sense
  20. Anelle
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    Well I don't know if I'm married or not