Important Characters From Film That I Have Painted

One day I woke up and said 'Today I would like to paint a portrait of Whoopi Goldberg.' So I did.
  1. Oda Mae Brown, 'Can I keep this pen?'
    The first and certainly the crudest. I was afraid to keep going because I was afraid I would ruin her. I have plans to do a whole Oda Mae/Rita Miller series.
    She is my spirit animal
  3. Lloyd Dobbler
    Duh. Dreamz.
  4. The Key Master/Louis Tully
    Yes. Have some.
  5. Ray Stantz
    The first in what will be the entire cast of Ghostbusters. This movie is a family obsession. This was my 2nd painting after Whoopi and was gifted to my parents.
  6. Margot Tenenbaum
    Gifted to @white_lightning and @preston for their then new home in Berkley
  7. Delia Dietz
    Gifted to Darbie Nowatka in hopes that one day we would be able to pull off the glove headband
  8. Cher Horowitz
    Teen Dream
  9. Hollywood Montrose
    I have never been more touched than when I was contacted by his daughter via Instagram. I happily gifted this painting to the Taylor family shortly before Mesach passed away.
  10. Mrs Reilly (and ONLY Mrs Reilly)
    There's no such thing as small roles
  11. Mrs White
    Heaving, breathing, breathless
    This painting still makes me laugh pretty much every day.
  13. John Bender
    Sexual. Human.
  14. Buzz's Girlfriend
  15. Jareth, The Goblin King
    The babe with power indeed
  16. Ouiser and Clairee
    Gifted to one of my best and dearest friends, Tara, my very own pig from hell
  17. Dr Venkman
    The most sexual of ALL the sexual humans.
  18. Joanna Staton
    I'm still tacky
  19. Mary
    A woman with no common sense
  20. Anelle
    Well I don't know if I'm married or not