1. Being super picky until I know I've found the perfect piece that makes a whole character. This week it was the 3 wolves tshirt and a trucker hat that says Cock. Once it was a pair of Steve Madden slides that I owned myself in the 90's and fought a hipster for at the super secret Salvation Army.
  2. Having places like a super secret Salvation Army that I would rather die than share with the public.
  3. Making my 34 year old self proud (but disappointing my 12 year old self) for only saying 'Nice to meet you' when fitting Christian Slater...instead of saying 'Greetings and Salutations.' #anotherfuckinHeather
  4. Making an on the fly banana hammock with only a stapler and a piece of weird spandex for a surprise sex scene even though the actor is cool with 'sharing himself with the crew.' No thanks, man. I've seen better. Most people have.
  5. Living every day like Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive. There's nothing like going to Bergdorf when I may or may not look like I am clad in Helmut Lang's homeless collection...But knowing I've got money to spend in this store. It's not mine, but I got it. Now gimme all the things.
  6. Because NO ONE KNOWS. What we accomplish in one day is absurd. It's not curing cancer, but some days I want to stand on a roof and shout 'I AM A GOLDEN GOD' because I bent time, or found the last something in the depths of some weird place and somehow magically made it appear in time for camera.
  7. ...the flip side being that the end of the week may require all the drugs that get you up on the roof to begin with because you're so tired you just tried to pay for coffee with your metro card (I did this yesterday...)
  8. When I've read a script 100 times, but watching the scene on the monitor makes me forget where I am. Because it feels likes its first time I am hearing it; everything came together so perfectly - the costumes, the set, the actors, everything. One perfect take and it's all worth it it.