This homage to BCF is DEF a continuation of my Best things about Being a Costume Designer. Because I think that Burlington might be my happy place? Burlington and Bergdorf. The two Big B's in my life.
  1. Let's start with how WEIRD this place is. Certain portions of the store are just EMPTY. like the supermarket before a storm. This corner is what I like to think of as my 'office'. I use the empty racks to sort my wares, put outfits together, charge my phone, and also make phone calls.
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  2. You want shoes? Cool. On your way grab some: Flavored popcorn, cheap watches, dog beds, workout equipment, workwear in 5XL, crotchless underwear, an as seen on TV food chopper, headbands that light up, and some Mike and Ike's to snack on while you browse the racks.
  3. It's 3 blocks from my house and they open at 9AM. Any day that starts at Burl is a win.
  4. It's always good for a laugh and a shudder: people return their used clothes and Burl takes them back. It's legit the grossest thing ever. I def have found someone's GAP striped polo with ring around the collar from 1994 tagged and on a clearance rack. Burlington, like me, gives exactly zero fucks.
  5. You want jazz? They'll give you jazz. Check out these gems
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  6. And finally. My double decker cart is OVERFLOWING with ugly cocktails dresses and clothes for video game ping pong nerds and I GUARANTEE you that this whole cart comes in at less than $700.00....MAX $900.00
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  7. Now I'm going to grab some Mike and Ike's and try on Church Hats while I wait for a credit card. Maybe I'll pick out a dog toy for my handsome but spoiled nephew, Oskie Beans @white_lightning @preston At Burlington Coat Factory, the world is my discount oyster.
  8. FINAL TOTAL: $983.00 for 45 items. And only that much because I splurged on 3 DVF and Rebecca Taylor dresses that were $70-$99.00 each. Spending big.