In moderation you can eat these things. Besides if you eat them too often they are no longer special.
  1. Raw Clams
  2. Kosher Hot Dogs with brown mustard and saurekraut
  3. Dairy Queens Oreo Blizzard
  4. Brown Sugar poptarts with no frosting.
    Lightly toasted.
  5. McDonalds Hamburger Mighty Kids Meal with no cheese
  6. Cream of wheat
    Made with milk, a little real sugar and a little real butter
  7. Crumb apple pie with one scoop French Vanilla Ice Cream
  8. A fried egg with a Toasted English Muffin toasted with real butter
  9. A true Jewish Bagel with real cream cheese
  10. Steamed Lobster, scallops and mussels
  11. Ropa Viejs
  12. Pasta Fazoili
  13. Linquine and clams
  14. Real Italian bread with a tough crust and soft inside dipped in coffee.
  15. Starbucks Pikes Place coffee and Cafe Bustano Columbian Coffee
  16. Watermelon
  17. Peach cobbler with fresh peaches not canned
  18. Peanut Brittle
  19. Pomegranates or what we in NY called them Chinese Apples
  20. Oreos (original) no double stuff
  21. Partridge Farms Chessmen Cookies
  22. Crispy Oatmeal cookies with no raisins
  23. Croissants with butter dipped in coffee
  24. Lemonade
  25. M&M's
  26. Almond Kisses