I graduated a year ago and started working my first big girl job in a new city about 4 months ago. Here's what I've learned since then
  1. You can't drink like you did in college anymore and that's honestly ok.
    You shouldn't want to. You got stuff to do now. And you'll feel like total crap the next day.
  2. It's really ok if you don't get a job right away.
    It took me so long to find a job, and I was panicking every day till I got one. YOU ARE FINE. And chances are your friends that have jobs before you are also miserable.
  3. Don't expect to stay friends with everyone afterwards.
    You can't just walk 5 minutes to see people anymore. You might trying make the effort to stay friends but they might not. It's total normal to grow apart, plus you're gonna want people that are actually there for you always, not just when it's convenient.
  4. But making new friends is REALLY HARD.
    It shouldn't be, but it is. Make sure you put in the effort to try to meet people. You'll find people, don't worry.
  5. You are not as prepared for the real world as you think.
    College advertises as a way to get ready for real life and it's not. It's great and a lot of fun but once you move out and get a job you actually have to go to every goddamn day of the week you realize you know absolutely nothing.
  6. You'll miss college everyday until you get your first paycheck
    Having money is great I'm not gonna lie 🤑🤑🤑
  7. You might start off doing something you're not passionate about but don't feel like you're first job is your career.
    I have to tell myself this everyday, because there are days I really hate my job. It's not forever. Get some experience and then find something g you want to do. Do things in your free time that excite you that give you skills you can bring with you for a job you actually want.
  8. You're gonna be FINE
    Seriously. You will be.