My taste is all over the place, bear with me
  1. I Love You, HoneyBear; Father John Misty
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    Thank you Master of None to introducing me to this, I haven't stopped listening to it, it might be my new favorite album
  2. Delirium; Ellie Goulding
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    This album is so. Good. I can't stop car dancing to it, especially the songs Codes, Don't Panic, and We can't move to this
  3. There You Go; Johnny Cash
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    Everything by Johnny Cash is amazing, but this song has been resonating a lot with me lately so I've been blasting it
  4. Love Stuff; Elle King
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    Her sound is so different than anything out there right now, she oozes cool all over the album
  5. All the Drake mixtapes, specifically the song Back to Back
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    Him ripping into Meek Mill/Tyga is motivating me through my half marathon training tbh
  6. 25; Adele
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  7. California Nights; Best Coast
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    Best Coast is my favorite band, I listened to them all throughout college. Their latest album has a more mature sound and feels more grown up, and it kinda makes me feel like I emotionally grew up with them (that sounds super lame I am so sorry) Listening to this also helped me get through an emotional rough patch and for that I am forever grateful
  8. Rip her to Shreds; Blondie
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    My anthem.