The part of college you learn from experience and not in a classroom.
  1. Happy Meal + water + The movie Good Fellas
    If you're hungover on a Sunday, Good Fellas is already playing on a number of basic cable networks.
  2. A blueberry bagel with cream cheese + milk for your inevitable heartburn from a combo of wine and tequila, ya dingus + your comfiest sweatshirt and Birkenstock Jesus sandals
  3. BBQ chicken panini + ice coffee + a few hours to kill where you can watch Community with your best friend
  4. Pancakes with a side of french fries + a milkshake + a waiter with no qualms that will comment how weird it is that you picked regular fries and not home fries
  5. Shrimp and grits with scrambled eggs + mimosa/Bloody Mary/sangria/morning beer + a table full of friends to recap the night
    All the drinks listed above means either have one of each (the ideal order is Bloody Mary, then beer, then sangria then mimosa) or bottomless of just one. Make sure you have friends that are as crazy as you are.