5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

I skipped screenshots and also I have an ungodly amount of nature shots of Australia... Skipped those too
  1. cliff in Australia, beautiful sea AND we saw dolphins playing in the waves!
  2. sent to me from a friend after I recommended Carrie & Lowell to him
    now he's a fan - obviously 😏
  3. my boyfriend and me on Fraser Island just before we went on a scenic flight in a glider
  4. we recently bought Lego and he built a face out of it
    his excitement is due to two facts: 1) we were v stoned 2) the snapchat face swap RECOGNIZED HIS STRUCTURE!
  5. Self-explanatory
    Also p cool because I spent fall break in DC where I got to meet my aunt and her family after more than 10 years and also I loved the city and them and it was just the best (also I was severely depressed) ((the rhyme was unintended))