Maybe this will help me make more lists without overthinking
  1. Bananas
    For smoothies and waffle toppings
  2. Yoghurt
    For smoothies
  3. Pretzels
    To make chocolate pretzels...maybe first compare price of pretzels plus chocolate to already done chocolate pretzels
  4. Brita-filter
    Water is starting to taste weird again
  5. Barilla Italian-style entrees
    Use coupon...spicy marinara was best, whole grain was healthiest (fiber!)
  6. Frozen pizza
    Cheaper than ordering for when I give up on cooking (judging from this list, I don't ever cook ((((accurate))))) )
  7. Chocolate to melt (for pretzels)
    See above
  8. Cookies/brownie
    I want macadamia white chocolate
  9. Broccoli
    Roasted broccoli with garlic, olive oil,lemon zest and grated Parmesan 😍😍😍 (steamed is fine too)
  10. English muffins
    I hate all other bread here...too sweet
  11. (Granola bars)
    To survive class...maybe find an alternative, I've been getting sick of em
  12. Chewing gum
    Alternative to survive class.. Although don't last long
  13. (Lemons)
    For broccoli dish.. And maybe infuse water?
  14. Double-stuff Oreos (family pack)
    I'm very honest on my shopping lists... This will be gone in 3 days (one row per day)
  15. (Onion & garlic powder)
    Probably it worth to buy for only 1.5months
  16. Ice cream
    Only get häagen dasz if there's some kind of sale - if not, archer farm's salted caramel was 💯 and 2 for $5