This is what I day-dream about when life just sucksssss
  1. Go to open air classical concerts
    All wear white and prepare elaborate picnic. Children's clothes will be green from the grass after playing the whole evening.
  2. Eat ice cream everyday in summer
  3. Introduce my kids to my old scouts group
    So many valuable experiences, so many friends, best memories ever
  4. Have a pancake and a pizza holiday every quarter
    That means you eat as much as you can and only this on that particular day
  5. Go to demonstrations
    E.g Pride events (if we have any in Germany that are appropriate for children), against borders (refugee crisis, western imperialism), supporting people of color (duh), against capitalism
  6. Have a dish that I make/my partner makes that the whole family loves
    And eats every week or so
  7. Have a family we're close with
    Or children play together, we drink/smoke/party together... We live close and can help each other out
  8. Have a close relationship with grand-parents
    Except maybe my dad... we will see about that
  9. Everybody reads and we can discuss our favorite twists and characters
    Ok this is a bit over the top
  10. And many more!
    I'm realizing this list will probably never end so I'm just posting it and will add later 🙂