1. I had a cathartic 4hr talk with the LDR boyfriend
  2. Was relieved and happy
  3. Him too
  4. We kind of started sexting
  5. But not really bc he has a final on Friday
  6. So I somehow started describing a fantasy to him
  7. But it kind of got elaborate
  8. And he loved it
  9. So I just kept on writing
  10. For the next 1.5 hours
    Hahaha WOW I only just realized it was this long, I though it was like 30mins
  11. Spoiler alert: they got together
  12. Despite all the sexual tension and perfect friendship they had
    Despite! Haha
  13. Um, also, it was kind of interactive
    I guess he didn't want me to feel like this was a one-sided experience (I got encouraging comments every 15mins)
  14. All of this happened via Facebook chat
  15. How weird
  16. Also, before they did the do, he had to tell me he needed to get back to exam prep
  17. I'll do better next time