There may be surprises in here!
  1. Start Saturday!
    Stay awake for a long long time reading that bloody brilliant HP fanfiction till everything is so dark and focused that you forget that you're sharing a room with another person (you don't particularly like)
  2. Decide to make a list
    A to do list of stuff you should do on Sunday so that when you wake up tomorrow you don't end up staying in bed the whole day
  3. Fall asleep before making the list
    But set your alarm to 8 hours from then... That's a good amount of sleep... Make it 8 1/2 hours.. Or even 9 if you're feeling good about yourself!
  4. Sleep in on Sunday morning
    Snooze that alarm, wake up for a minute and think how peaceful it is.. You've already forgotten about that to do list you wanted to make and are now happy to sleep for one more hour (don't forget to set the alarm!)
  5. Snooze that alarm
    Until you wake up in between alarms but still before your roommates get back from church
  6. Wake up with a rumbling stomach
    And remember why you needed that to do list - you have no groceries left
  7. Masturbate
    Sunday mornings are perfect for this: the apartment is empty except for you, you know when they'll be coming back, you're still sleepy and there are no appointments on your Sundays
  8. Ok and then write a list
    Not that to do list... A list on the list app. At least that's what I did and apart from feeling starved I feel pretty relaxed
  9. I don't know what comes next
  10. I'll update this list maybe