I love this idea...ok let's go
  1. Lisa
    My teddy bear - I got her at my birth and she probably looks creepy to others but I've had her my whole life and I know her smell and also there's this patch on her "knee" where I used to pick at whenever I fell asleep - Also I called her Lisa after Lisa Simpson when I was like 6 because she's a badass and I loved the Simpsons
  2. My cushion
    Same as with my bear, I've had this my whole life...except this is probably disgusting 😬 idc. Also nobody knows that I always have the same cushion, they only ever know about Lisa
  3. My Harry Potter books
    I got my first HP book in 1st grade and I love how worn my books look - I've read all of em >9 times and the 1st one many many more! I got the 2nd one 1st bc I insisted it looked more fun due 2 the flying car on the cover! This was probably around '00 and it was the start of my love 4 reading. After that I finished the assigned reading until 5th grade by the middle of 2nd grade and read EVERYTHING. (Until I discovered fanfiction and TV shows and now my attention span and concentration are 🚫)
  4. My hair...?
    I've always hated my hair but even more when I used to have it short. My father always had it cut off till just over the chin and because of the texture, I walked around with a triangle-shaped cut. I hated it sfm. Now I wear it long and care for it and get soooo many compliments even though I still struggle with wearing it naturally and not in any kind of up-do
  5. My sex toys
    I love them (for obvious reasons). I love that there's so much more to get. I love that they all look so nice together. I feel like a naughty stamp collector. EVEREXPANDING
  6. Old letters
    Not letters that were sent through mail necessarily but those nice letters or notes in class you used to write for your friends, just reaffirming your friendship and talking about what they like about you. I keep them all and reread them every 3 years or so... like if u cry every time