These are very varied
  1. I love cilantro
  2. I thought parsley is cilantro
  3. I'm much more into girls than I thought
    I'd place myself on the middle of the Kinsey scale atm! But I mean... Sexuality is fluid and who knows what happens :)
  4. I can orgasm
    Everyone's description of "you'll know it when you have one" was so misleading. I've had lots of orgasms but always expected there to be more somehow
  5. My ldr is going pretty well
    Like pretty pretty pretty well, I'm so in loooove
  6. I have self-esteem issues
    I was not aware of. Only realized this yesterday.
  7. I can eat mostly sweets, fast food and chips and not gain weight
    Probably because I'm still not eating that much. I'm pretty tired though all the time.
  8. I do want to do stuff in Cali before I leave
    I honestly HOnestly thought I'd just be here to study and then leave.
  9. My butt is really small
    I had always thought it was average to small but it's like... Flatttttt ☹️
  10. I'm not bad at all at academia
    The German system just isn't for me - here I get such good grades 🤓😍