This list is not exhaustive!
  1. Burgers
  2. Youtube
    In Germany, every other video comes with the notice "this content is locked in your country".
  3. Wide lanes
    And automatic instead of stick shift. I'm not afraid of driving! Half the stress of doing it just falls away when you have one less pedal to worry about 😍
  4. Opinions
    I mean... Most of the opinions I encountered were kinda suck-y. But people express them and open discourse is part of life! Back home, everyone's real opinions are SO PRIVATE. Here, the first interaction in the US (taxi driver from the airport) entered into an hour-long discussion on racism and police brutality... Including varying other passengers. YES!
  5. Different looking people
    The very 1st thing I noticed (immigration officers) was that they ALL looked so different frm each other! A black woman! A old white man! Asian people! Hispanic people! A fat person! Like...back home, everyone pretty much looks the same. I don't think ppl here can imagine what it's like but u immediately don't feel like you stick out so much. While growing up, I only knew like 10 people my age that were also PoC... And that's not unusual (Finland/Sweden is even more bizarre, all blond/blueeyed!)
  6. Friendly faces
    I expected this,but there's also the stereotype that ppl here are "fake nice" by default... I think there might be a slight truth to this, but there IS a open, smiley default behavior that most of the people have (excluding terrifying retail workers who ask you what you need all the time - I've learned that they have to do that though so I don't fault them)
  7. The weather
    This is a Cali thing, but still. I just feel instantly more happy if I wake up and the sun is shining. It's probably the vitamin D! (No, sadly no d*ck for me)
  8. Social media and pop culture
    Stems from HERE. People actually use social media outlets, and all those pop culture references and weird words and acronyms you only see on the Internet in the rest of the world. I don't feel weird knowing what IYKWIM means and don't have to explain it... Iykwim 😎
  9. Style
    Well...actually I don't necessarily think Americans dress better that Germs (not saying they dress worse!!) but I love that you CAN wear sportsgear/almost your PJs out in public without getting weird looks but also that really stylish outfit you're not totally sure of. The only place in Deutschland that would come close (and I know of) is probably Berlin