status report
  1. I'm at the Honolulu airport
  2. During a 10hr layover
  3. And trying to get acclimated to the Melbourne time zone
    that's where I'm headed
  4. But I came from LAX
  5. And I am also communicating with ppl back home, in Germany
  6. And my layover is overnight
    It's currently 5.35 am here and I've been here since 11pm
  7. I set my watch and my iPod to Melbourne time
  8. Didn't want to mess up my phone settings, it's in Hawaii time
  9. I feel as if I am in some kind of limbo right now
    Nothing makes sense, my body can't decide whether to be tired or not
  10. Also this is where I slept
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  11. On a (plugged out) massage chair
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  12. Luckily I think ahead and snuck the blanket on my first flight from the plane 😈
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  13. I hope they'll let me check in 3hrs in advance 😩
    No online check in for this flight and I don't want to leave just to have to redo a security check