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Hmmmm....an exotic animal I'd like to own hypothetically speaking
  1. A flying squirrel
    So obvious because it's cute and it flies
  2. Or a burrowing owl
    Also obvious. A cute owl that lives in a hole
  1. Morning coffee with a view....company optional
How random can this really be??
  1. This one. It's from a page in an old cookbook. I don't know why she has the root vegetables at gunpoint.
  2. This one. My French press loves me
  3. Next. That night at the Ace Hotel in LA
2 more...
  1. I Love Lucy
  2. The Office
  3. Mad Men
  4. Runner up would be Mary Tyler Moore
This list is all over the place
  1. Slap Shot
  2. Star Wars
    The first original three and not the enhanced versions. I can do without the prequels
  3. Spinal Tap
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