every mouth i've met, whether it was one time or the first of many
  1. we were in a storage room at band camp and i thought to myself, it’s finally going to happen. i lifted my face and you missed half of my mouth. later, i got enthusiastic and you tried to step back, tripped, and fell down
  2. i’d thrown up outside of your car earlier so i only touched my mouth to your neck one, two, three times and you didn’t respond. the day i made it to your mouth you were too worried about doing it well to do it well, and i felt nothing
  3. we were never meant to do this and the awkwardness was loud and clear, i could barely find your mouth in the dark so i clumsily tried twice, you kissed me like you were trying to swallow me whole and i couldn’t open my mouth far enough. i told you i loved you on your way out and i barely found your mouth again
  4. we were drunk and i kissed your cheek and you kissed my cheek and then we kissed six times in a row, my favorite number, and it was neither good nor bad but i stopped and said, “okay,” after. you were really just a number, i went back to my friends and said, “that makes number four,” your mouth only made me think of other mouths
  5. it was the fourth of july, and you were my best friend and we were playing spin the bottle and i’d never kissed a girl before. you had the tiniest lips i’ve ever seen in my life but it still felt nice
  6. it was the fourth of july, and i spun the bottle and pecked, just to get it over with. now you make jokes about my sex life and we pretend it didn’t happen
  7. it was the fourth of july, and you spun the bottle and said to me, “wanna make this interesting?” we only stopped when someone screamed, “why is this so hot,” and i blushed. you were drunk and i was not
  8. it was the fourth of july, and you insisted everyone kiss everyone else by the end of the game so that i had to kiss you. it was indescribably awful, you later tried to “spiderman kiss” me upside down and that was even worse
  9. it was the fourth of july, and i didn’t know you but you sat in for a few rounds. we never even made eye contact
  10. it was new year’s eve, and you were my best friend and i was drunker than i’d ever been, so we made out for fun. number 5 recorded it and laughed
  11. it was 4 am on a bridge railing, you called me stunning and i kissed your cheek slowly, perfectly, i leaned back and you looked at me slowly, perfectly, i leaned in again and nudged your mouth to mine slowly, perfectly. it was the first time one kiss lasted more than a second, we held to the railing and each other and i felt the earth swirl