1. i will travel more
  2. i will go to the yoga classes at my gym
  3. i will eat nourishing foods and take vitamins
  4. i will be kinder to myself
  5. i will be more forgiving of others
  6. i will meditate more often
  7. i will play more music
  8. i will invest in my own comfort
  9. i will complete therapy
  10. i will love myself
  11. i will call my mother more often
  12. i will take more selfies that i like
  13. i will do breathing exercises
  14. i will harness more of my creative energy
  15. i will relieve myself of the pain i hold onto
  16. i will find peace and be peaceful
  17. i will buy more flowers
  18. i will go easy on myself
  19. i will scoop the cat litter more often