1. lavender tat
    i don't know where on my body or what style but it would be a lovely symbol of peace and calm to have with me all the time
  2. sun n moon
    simple, all black, tiny, potentially on the inside of a finger but I would be afraid it would fade quickly. really like the concept of duality and different applications of such
  3. flowers on my arm bc flowers on my arm
    all black, clean lines, just gorgeous and I want to adorn myself with flowers
  4. "I am enough"
    my talisman phrase since age idk, 15? 17? either way I've held onto it for years and this is a definite will-happen I just have to decide where to put it. it'd be in my own handwriting probably all caps
  5. ear piercings
    I have one helix piercing on each ear, one is higher than the other and I want to get a third one right next to that. I also have my first holes done in my lobes and would like the second holes done but I'm allergic to nickel so I can't wear pretty costume jewelry
  6. underboob tat
    u know like the gorgeous tats on the triangle of skin between/below the breasts, no idea what I want there but I want somethin!!! that would be a pretty big commitment I still have a lot of thinkin to do on this one