1. Cradle cap
    I had this as a baby - it's a baby disease that requires the baby in question to wear a cap. A cute but also disgusting baby skin problem.
  2. Chicken pox
    Soon after cradle cap. Killin it right out the gate.
  3. Eczema
    Immediately upon childhood it became clear this was a thing I had. It showed up mostly behind my ears (it formed a crust that I would sometimes peel off) and in my other creases (back of knees, elbow crease) as well as on my hands. I itched a lot.
  4. Hives
    Mostly from MSG. but sometimes from something random too. Very itchy.
  5. Warts
    This one was fun. First, I got a wart in the middle of my nose, sticking out so it looked like a booger. My doctor froze it off with liquid nitrogen which for some reason left the wart stump purple for a few days. Then, I got a bunch of warts behind my knees (where the eczema was already hanging out). Those all got frozen off too, leaving bubbles that popped and left scars you can still see when I'm rockin ~shorts~.
  6. Excessive Dry Skin
    This happened around 6th grade. Sometimes in class I would rub my forehead and watch little white flakes fall on my desk. It reached a point where I was basically made of ash.
  7. Lip Skin Issues
    The skin on my lips became very sensitive in college. When I ate something even a little bit spicy, they became inflamed. I stopped wearing lip gloss or lipstick and to this day still don't. I also still can't really eat spicy foods.
  8. Eczema, Continued
    Now it's mostly just on my hands. I scratch all through the night and wake up with rashes all over my fingers and palms. Tried wearing gloves to bed but - so hot! My bf says I scratch in my sleep like a raccoon.