In darkest night, the earth shall be light, and shine like a star.
  1. Dinner parties
    Not the boring kind. They should be relaxed, maybe potlucks, with plenty of wine and music playing the whole time.
  2. To dance in kitchens
    Winter is the perfect time for this. The kitchen is warm and light and there's wine in the fridge. It's a perfect place to dance.
  3. To read all day
    One of the benefits of winter is that there's no pressure to perform. It's cold, so you CAN'T hike and then post about it on social media - you have to stay inside. Ideally with a really engrossing book and some tea.
  4. A fireplace
    Someday I will have one and it will be going all winter long.
  5. Cozy bars
    Where the music isn't too loud, and the drinks aren't too expensive so you can stay there all day.
  6. To day drink
    On the day when I'm not reading at home, drinking with friends is perfect. Starting around 3 or 4, drinking till 10 or 11, dancing in a kitchen, and then climbing into bed.
  7. To go to the movies
    There are so many good movies out, and what's better than seeing a movie with someone you love and then bundling back up and walking to a bar or a coffee shop to drink something hot and talk about it?
  8. To binge good tv
    Thank you to: Transparent, Girls, Broad City, Catastrophe (I hope?) etc for starting new seasons in winter. @lenadunham - thanks
  9. To walk home late at night on a snowy street
    And see my breath and feel everything crisp around me.