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  1. Fucking
  2. So goddamn
  3. Exceptionally
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I'm putting good thoughts and vibes into the universe. This is how my life will be.
  1. I'm living in my dream house.
    A nice porch. A beautiful backyard. Several bedrooms for dogs, kid, and guests. Large kitchen for social gatherings. Fabulous decor
  2. I'm driving a nice, reliable car.
    Leather seats. Back up camera. The works.
  3. I am financially stable.
    I can pay all my bills in full without worry.
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Had a dream that my celebrity crush turned out to be my dad but my mom was keeping it a secret from me.
  1. I'm sexually attracted to this man.
  2. I don't look mixed at all.
  3. Why would my mom keep a huge secret like this from her adult child?
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Things that help lower my anxiety and crippling fear of settling down and being a grown up.
  1. Less coffee
  2. More water
  3. Thinking about all the chores I have to do when I get home
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