My life is changing

I'm putting good thoughts and vibes into the universe. This is how my life will be.
  1. I'm living in my dream house.
    A nice porch. A beautiful backyard. Several bedrooms for dogs, kid, and guests. Large kitchen for social gatherings. Fabulous decor
  2. I'm driving a nice, reliable car.
    Leather seats. Back up camera. The works.
  3. I am financially stable.
    I can pay all my bills in full without worry.
  4. I'm financially thriving!
    I can go shopping and drop $1000+ every week if I want.
  5. I've got great relationships with friends, family, and my man.
  6. I have a career I absolutely love and enjoy.
    And it's lucrative
  7. I'm in top physical health.
  8. I'm in top mental health.
  9. I'm completely and incandescently happy.