1. This date would be perfect -
    Picture of a place that is obviously perfect hanging out with a person of the opposite sex that is obviously too attractive.
  2. Cute overloads or whatever-
    A funny looking dog or cat or some rodent that girls will fawn over for seemingly no reason, and do nothing more that just retweet it to show that they think it's cute, but nobody actually cares.
  3. A funny tweet by Tyrel Filley
  4. A funny tweet by Nick Heck
  5. An inside joke I don't know or care about, followed by a bunch of tagged people I don't follow.
    "You pick the store! Store! That's what's in store!" Lol @nancyfarr @bootyfordayz @gretchenhotdog @zipzapstreetrat @kaylajohnson" you know the type of tweet.
  6. Adam Schefter, telling me stuff I like to know but don't need to know.
  7. Adam Schefter, trying to tweet something funny but is not that funny but I appreciate him as a person and as a professional.
  8. A profound unfinished statement with a ... at the end and a link to an Instagram picture I won't open.
  9. Cooper Patch getting an obscene number of likes and retweets for a normal tweet.
  10. Cooper Patch getting an obscene number of likes and retweets for a brilliantly hilarious tweet.
  11. A celebrity or band that I follow tweeting some kind of promotion I don't care about
  12. "Steph Curry" or "Lebron James"
  13. A vine video that has a hard time loading
  14. A video that loads fine, but makes me watch a 15 second commercial so I skip it
  15. Fro_vo