Screenshots I Have on My Phone, Explained

  1. Just look at these fucking bracelets
    I just moved to Hilo, Hawaii, and I need to buy these bangles stat. Traditional meets modern. Hopefully they made them big enough to fit over my chubby man hands.
  2. Ohana > Everything
    Fucking Instagram sponsored ads working on me. Again, shit I need to buy. Ohana=family, and this tank is too cute.
  3. Where tf is this?
    Follow almost any Hawaii Instagram account, and they'll post gorgeous pictures with no gd info. How am I supposed to go to there if I don't know where there is?
  4. The perfect cinnamon toast
    I hate that Pinterest times out and goes back to the main page, so I screen shot when I can. And yes, I fucked this up because I was too high. It happens.
  5. Hawaii campground
    Finally, someone figured out how to add in useful info. I'm definitely checking this place out.
  6. I can make this, right?
    I can totally make this.
  7. The Hilo?!?!
    I just moved to a small town, so I nearly lost my shit when I found out The Pharcyde is doing a show here on 4/20 😵💨
  8. Compact Gentleman
    When your Tinder match calls himself a "compact gentleman," you swipe right.
  9. My kingdom for some ramen
    I left the country's best ramen back home in Austin (for real, ramen tatsuya just got named #1), so I was trying to find some here.