I got married in September so I'm hella new at this thing but I'm learning more every day.
  1. My husband plays like A LOT of video games.
    We didn't move in together until a month before the wedding so this was a seriously surprising. If he's not already playing NHL '16, he's receiving a group text from non-married friends about playing that night (& gauging my reaction when he mentions said text).
  2. I don't cook.
    Okay, so this wasn't news. But, like, he makes sure we have dinner every single night. Like an adult I guess. Much different from my many nights of realizing at 9:30 pm that I hadn't eaten & pouring myself the largest bowl of cereal ever.
  3. My husband would forget our anniversary within two months.
    I dunno but I guess I thought this took a few years of becoming desensitized to the novelty of marriage. NOPE. Last night while watching Back To The Future, our wedding date was mentioned. So I said "aw, September 5th!" like the idiot sap I am. Not a single glimmer of recognition came from him. He did say "yeah, that was last month" though.
  4. Not having a dishwasher will either break you or make you stronger.
    We're definitely gonna come out of this more solid as a partnership but whew, what a trial.