Hi. I live in Montréal now(!!). I definitely plan on posting more specific/in-depth lists soon but for now here's some quick things:
  1. I love all of my classes!!
    Surprisingly, my introductory computer science course is my fav so far
  2. Montréal is insanely cool
    Being legal makes exploring cool bars/good food so much easier
  3. Frosh week was... Crazy
    I was drunk for 6 days straight and I was LOVIN' it
  4. Everybody and their dog smokes
    Finna get the black lung out here or some shit
  5. My university has hilariously inappropriate chants
    That we weren't technically supposed to learn but our cool Frosh Leaders taught us anyway😎
  6. There are hot guys and hot girls EVERYWHERE
    I fall in love like, three times a day
  7. My roommates a fucking asshole
    She's a lowkey racist from Texas..... I'm tryna straighten her out...... Pray that I don't need to pay $200 to switch rooms.....