This has been in my drafts since I saw @amieshmamie suggest it in one of her lists, I figured I would post it now!!!!
  1. English
    Not too posh, not too...... northern
  2. Scottish
  3. Irish
    Only hot if the person has dark hair
  4. German!!!!!!!
    Wolfgang from Sense8 ignited a fire within me
  5. New Zealand-ian
  6. Australian
    Thirty times hotter with tattoos/if they are skiing in Whistler
  7. French-Canadian
    The thicker the accent when speaking English, the better. Also- the nicer the beard the better 😬
  8. Slightest Bostonian/New York/New Jersey/I don't really know enough about the states to think of other places but like a tinge of that general accent
  9. Russian, maybe
    I feel like I don't fully understand what a Russian accent is but I am still willing to bang it