Finally joining in on one of these! I'm excited!!!!
  1. Day 1: Joy
    Made this salad on a whim and it was INCREDIBLE: a spinach salad with apples, red onion, BACON, feta cheese and a light poppyseed dressing. Definitely brought me joy 😋
  2. Day 2: Sparkle
    Fireworks over English Bay in Vancouver tonight!!! ✨✨✨✨
  3. Day 3: Round
    This is an unedited photo of what the sun looks like right now because there are hella forest fires in the interior of BC and the smoke was blown down into my region 🙁
  4. Day 4: Stripes
    I'm house-siting/pet-sitting for my best friend and this is her cat Stella next to some *striped* cushions for her lawn furniture LOL
  5. Day 5: Long
    Me and my friends' *long* shadows over what I guess is technically the outskirts of Mont Royal Park in Montréal! Taken in April
  6. Day 6: Giant
    Giant sky dong