Celebrities I Want To Talk To Forever

I just want to sit down with these people and let them talk so I can just soak it all in
  1. Maya Angelou
    If I'm being honest, I just want her to hold me while I sob
  2. Judd Apatow
    No words to describe how connected I feel to this man, I just want to know what he thinks about EVERYTHING
  3. Danger Mouse
    Such a legendary producer for me... I just want to hear about everything he's worked on/the stories behind them
  4. Phil Hartman
    sadly impossible :(
  5. Mark Ronson
    So much music knowledge.... LAY IT ON ME (i am also so attracted to him it's ridiculous)
  6. B.J. Novak
    @bjnovak whenever ur free i'm down
  7. Eddie Murphy
    Would mostly consist of him saying something then me going "ok but why won't you do stand-up anymore?"
  8. Oprah Winfrey
    You know she's got the most inspiring life story ever.... I WANNA HEAR IT ALLLL
  9. Kanye West
    I feel like he would be really soft spoken in a normal conversation and he is a fuckin genius soooooo
  10. Mindy Kaling
    Tell me ur experience being a funny not-skinny brown girl in a world that is always against u!!!!!!! We will connect!!!!
  11. Dave Grohl
  12. Jon Stewart
    I miss seeing him on TV every day so I would be willing to listen to whatever he'd tell me, to be honest
  13. Quentin Tarantino
    I feel like this would be scary, but I still wanna do it