1. When a fart goes in between your labia and subsequently feels weird AF
  2. Vagina sweat
  3. Examining the clots of uterine lining that come out during your period
    (My fav thing ever)
  4. Cameltoes
  5. "Smooth" pees
    Is this just me??!? Like, when you've got such a perfect stream of pee comin outta you that you don't even feel it
  6. Being hyperaware of everything your vagina does when you're on your period
  7. Pulling long-ass hairs that fell out of your head from from in between ur buttcheeks/vagina
    Not necessarily a vagina thing so much as a long hair thing, I guess. don't even know how this happens but people have admitted to this happening to them too SO I KNOW IT'S NOT JUST ME😂
  8. Ovary pain
    (I have PCOS so this is a bitch)