Look How Cute I Am, Li.st

My Canadian version of prom was last week. I slayed.
  1. Me and my hot best friend
    She's so hot, I love her
  2. Me and my crew
    We're the only group of friends who have stayed together since kindergarten 💁🏾
  3. Me and my best friend creepily corsage-ing each other
    We were each other's dates and got matching corsages!!! People always think we're lesbians but we just love each other a lot
  4. Me and my best friend getting drunk while my other friends watch
    We had 2 bottles of champagne between us then snuck upstairs and drank a mickey. (I don't know what a mickey is in American terms)
  5. Class of 2016!
    This obviously isn't the whole grad class but it's all of my friends. (Although my entire class is relatively small with just 135 people)