1. Age 5: Professional Camcorder
    I was obsessed with recording home videos.
  2. Age 8: Filmmaker
    Since I was like 5 I've written and filmed my own little original movies/comedy sketches/full episodes of SNL (musical guest and all) and I was convinced I was great at it.
  3. Age 11: Photographer
  4. Age 12: Sex Educator
    Is that a thing?? I've always loved opening up discussions about women's bodies/sexual and reproductive health!! I just really love vaginas and want everyone who has one to understand what they've got going on down there and be proud of it!
  5. Age 14: Chemical Engineer
    lol ew
  6. Age 16: Chemist
  7. Age 17: Gynecologist
    Told you, I love vaginas.
  8. Age 18: It's a secret!!!
    Because I don't wanna jinx it/I'm scared