1. Transportation: Gold Pontiac Firebird Esprit versus Red Ferrari 308 GTS. Vintage mid-70s ride versus iconic 80's "Bonfire of the Vanities" statement. Both exceptional drivers, but bonus points to JR for his patented Rockford Reverse Turn, throwing the car into a 180 at high speed in reverse. Nod to Rockford
  2. Fashion: Polyester suits with slacks worn above the waistline. Sateen, large-collared shirts with top 2 buttons open versus tight OP cord shorts, Hawaiian shirt (top 3 unbuttoned), Detroit Tigers cap, Rolex GMT Master, and glacier sunglasses a la Sir Edmund Hillary. Rockford.
  3. Well-placed police buddy: Sergeant Dennis Becker versus Lieutenant Yoshi Tanaka. Toss up.
  4. Residence: Double-wide parked in the parking lot of restaurant in Paradise Cove versus guest house of beachfront Oahu estate. Not even debatable. Magnum.
  5. Theme song: Rockford Files theme music versus "Theme from Magnum P.I." Both hit Billboard Hot 100, with Magnum topping out at #25 and Rockford Files topping out at #10 and winning a Grammy in '75. Rockford Files.
  6. Friends: Angel and Rocky versus Rick, TC and Higgins. Magnum.
  7. Love interests: Need a separate list rating these. Both were involved with attorneys, Carole Baldwin for Magnum and Beth Davenport for JR; Magnum also was linked with Michelle Hue; Lt. Commander Maggie Poole and various guest stars (Morgan Freeman, Sharon Stone, etc.). Rockford sometimes fell for his clients as well.