1. When someone feels the need to stand ridiculously close to me in the grocery store line, especially when I'm trying to check out and they go ahead and stand right in front of the credit card machine. Really? Back up!
  2. Paisley patterns. Hate them. Always have. Remind me of amoebas. Hate them.
  3. When someone begins a sentence and then trails of without finishing the thought. I've heard that this bothers me because I'm "Type A" but it's really because of the hole being burned in my brain.
  4. When someone passes me while driving, then pulls in front of me and slows down...for no other apparent reason than to piss me off....and burn that hole in my brain.
  5. When someone slowly slurps their coffee, loudly, over and over again. Oh yeah, and adds the mind-melting "ahhh" after each slurp.
  6. When someone says, "It is what it is."