Ranking the Top Ten ESPN 30 for 30 Documentaries

My take on the best that the Mothership had to offer from their 30-for-30 films which they are still probably raking $$$ off of even though Bill Simmons is the head honcho on this series. RIP.
  1. 10. "The Legend of Jimmy the Greek"
    The guy that put sports betting on the national landscape. The Greek was an American icon and was the original DGAF degenerate. This is the story of his rise from a 13 year old kid from Steubenville, OH making bets on horses to the guy that made infamously harsh remarks on black athletes on national TV ultimately leading to his demise.
  2. 9. "Silly Little Game"
    A rotisserie chicken restaurant is where fantasy baseball was invented. This is the story of the sick puppies that went from hand scoring a rotisserie baseball league on sheets of graph paper to seeing the evolution of fantasy sports. And how they got next to none of the piece of the pie for dessert.
  3. 8. "The '85 Bears"
    Ditka, Singletary, Buddy Ryan. Jim McMahon and the super bowl shuffle. Sausages, Ditka and more Ditka. What else in life even matters? The '85 Bears were the GOAT defense, and the GOAT at chasing tail and crushing parties. Long live Ditka.
  4. 7. "Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the New York Knicks"
    Reggie was the original troll. The guy got Spike Lee on the back page of the New York Daily News for heckling. That's when you know you're in somebody's head. He also scored 8 points in 9 seconds in the Eastern Conference Semis at the Garden to sack-tap the Knicks. Also some great footage of his mongoloid sister talking about putting him in headlocks in the back yard and owning him in 1-on-1.
  5. 6. "The Fab Five"
    Jalen Rose calling Grant Hill an "Uncle Tom" is still one of my favorite remarks to this day. These are the five guys that everybody loved to hate. UM vs. Laettner, baggy shorts and insight into inner-city Detroit is what makes this a must watch. Also, Chris Webber will never let you take a timeout with you on the flight home. Trust me, you'll see.
  6. 5. "You Don't Know Bo"
    There will never be another athlete like Bo Jackson. Let me try and make that as clear as possible. In today's "I'm gonna focus on one sport and pay $1,000 every month to go have some washed up minor leaguer teach me how to squash the bug after my swing" sports landscape, Bo was a do-it-all legend. Never comes up in conversation as one of sports biggest stars, but Bo was easily in his prime the best athlete of all time.
  7. 4. "Broke"
    There is nothing like hearing Andre Rison talk about finance. This is easily one of the most impactful pop culture documentaries ever made. Some of the stories on items these players blew their wads on are truly priceless. Pro sports careers are often short, and why not light everything you sacrifice to make on fire on a mansion, blowfish shark and 6 Bentleys.
  8. 3. The Price of Gold"
    Tonya Harding takes her skates, her pedophile looking husband Jeff Gillooly and his fat friend and takes out smokeshow skater Nancy Kerrigan. This is a bizarre story of a full out assault of your opponent in the spirit of chasing a medal, and the secrets behind the attack. There is a 10000% chance Harding was quarterbacking this thing, but you be the judge.
  9. 2. "The U"
    This is the film that put 30 for 30 on the map. NCAA violations, on-field shit talking, orchestrated touchdown dances. This was the culture at The U. From Michael Irvin to Jimmy Johnson, and the Catholics vs the Convicts - buckle your god damn seatbelt.
  10. 1. "June 17th, 1994"
    A true masterpiece, June 17th, 1994 isn't just a sports story. It's so much more. It's OJ and Robert Kardashian, it's Arnie Palmer pooping drives up the fairway in his last US Open, it's hockey parades and NBA Finals...all in one day. Brett Johnson makes one of the most riveting films of our generation, and it's highlighted with the most watched TV moment of our time with OJ in that white Bronco looking like he has 5 stars in GTA San Andreas. Get your popcorn ready.