Albums That Changed My Life

The power of music is great. All these albums have meant a great deal to me, and inspired me to play guitar and write songs.
  1. Bon Jovi - Cross Road
    My dad bought me this record right before my surgery to remove my tonsils when I was eleven. I remember being put under while listening to Bed Of Roses on my discman. I wanted to be Richie Sambora so bad, playing a white Fender strat wearing a leather jacket and a cowboy hat. 👊🏻🎸
  2. Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood
    Raw guitar energy.
  3. Vidar Busk & His True Believers - I Came Here To Rock
    My ultimate teenage idol. A real guitar hero and the ultimate showman. I bought a silver silk suit, coloured my hair black and started a bluesband.
  4. Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue
    Opened my eyes and ears for Jazz. A must have album.
  5. Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now
    Songs. Just fucking epic songs. My heartbreak soundtrack.
  6. Magnet - On Your Side
    I bought this album last year on high school. And when I finished I got a call to join him on tour. My first big tour, and one of the biggest memories of my life.
  7. John Mayer - Continuum
    Coolest trio in the world. And two of my favourite songs ever, "Stop This Train" and "Slow Danicing In A Burning Room".
  8. Avicii
    Just kidding. It's crap.