I have lots of ideas. Here is my short list.
  1. Hire a lawyer, financial advisor, and accountant.
    Got to be smart.
  2. Go to Sprint, change my cell number.
  3. Pay off everything. We're not doing anything until we're square with the house.
  4. Quit my job in dramatic fashion.
  5. Pay off all mortgages and car payments of immediate family members.
  6. Form Galliher Motorsports LLC
    It would be a 2-car sprint car team. One traveling World of Outlaws team, and one team that stays mostly in Pennsylvania.
  7. Build a modest log house in Central Pennsylvania on a nice piece of land, where we would build our garage for the race team.
  8. Buy a brand new Chevrolet Tahoe LTZ for me, and a fully-loaded mini-van for Chrissie.
  9. Buy a motor coach or two for traveling to races.
  10. Buy our house from my parents, donate the structure to the fire department, rebuild a modest house on the land.
  11. Build a small summer home in OBX.
  12. Buy land and build family homes somewhere in Central North Carolina.
    Would include enough land to keep a horse for Carolina.
  13. Buy season tickets to the Panthers and Tar Heels. The Ravens too for family use.
  14. Finish my degree at Towson.
  15. Enroll in the business college at UNC and get my MBA.
  16. Have another kid or 2.
  17. Make large donations to St. Baldrick's, DonorsChoose, and the York County Racing Club Injured Drivers Fund.
  18. Travel, educate myself, and make as many people happy as possible.