Here's some of the things I did during my vacation.
  1. Built two K'Nex rolller coasters, a Ferris wheel, and a motorized swing ride with Lina.
  2. Built a robotic spider.
  3. Built many Lego sets with Lina.
  4. Went to the Wise Avenue Train Garden.
  5. Went to the Miracle on 34th Street with Lina and the parents.
  6. Went to my cousins wedding.
  7. Visited family in town from Massachusetts and Utah.
  8. Successfully roasted coffee in a popcorn popper.
  9. Spent 40+ hours doing a paint by number for a gift.
    I had no idea how long those things take. Pics will be posted after it is delivered to my dad.
  10. Setup and played with two Amazon Echo Dots.
  11. Got a new cell phone.
    iPhone 7 Plus
  12. Cooked some crock pot dinners.
    Honey pork roast, pot roast, ranch chicken.
  13. Went Jump On It with family.
  14. Flew my new camera quad copter.
  15. Read part of a book.
    The painting took my free time the last week.
  16. Lots and lots of Lina Snuggles.
  17. Dreaded doing back to my normal chaotic life.
  18. Static