They always tell me to help myself to anything but I don't believe them
  1. Pretzels
    These things never disappear no matter how many of them you eat
  2. Goldfish
    Parents always have those gallon sized cartons of goldfish? How do you ever finish that many goldfish??
  3. Individual slices of deli meats
    Ham, turkey, salami, I've even seen buffalo chicken. I feel like no one would notice one or two slices missing?? Also so good
  4. Chocolate chips
    Idk sometimes you just need chocolate and who's gonna notice that someone ate a handful of chocolate chips
  5. Sprinkles
    Yes, straight sprinkles. Sometimes you're bored and you want something sweet. This is my go to because I feel like they can never tell if some are missing?? (Scale of 1-10 how gross is this health wise)
  6. Halloween candy
    This is risky but I eat the candy kids don't like (almond joys, twizzlers) and hope if the kids notice the parents also steal Halloween candy and assume they just forgot about eating that piece
  7. String cheese
    Parents always have so much of this and it's SO GOOD
  8. Those baby puff snack things?
    I only ever eat like six but they're weirdly very good
  9. Handfuls of Cheerios
    Another snack that perpetually refills itself
  10. The chicken nuggets the kids didn't eat for dinner
    If all else fails and I'm starving I just eat whatever the kids didn't finish. I should really start bringing my own granola bars 🙃