1. Duels
    This was actually a way people decided things/defended their honor. Rip Alexander Hamilton
  2. Blow drying our hair straight to the heavens
    Bless you Amy Poehler
  3. Bathe max once a week
    In these tiny things called hat baths using the same water that your entire family also bathed in that day
  4. Dresses over jeans
    Mostly I'm upset that I thought this was cool
  5. Chamber pots
    People were cool with sleeping with little buckets of poo under their beds
  6. Please add more because all of mine are 19th century or fashion related
  7. Redesign our MySpace pages
    Like I LEARNED html just to do that.
    Suggested by @shawnastoltzfoos
  8. Trepanning
    Drilling a hole in the skull to let the trapped demons out. (Used on people with epilepsy or mental illness)
    Suggested by @kamina