Is this a stupid list I feel like it's a stupid list
  1. 100%
    This feels so nice and safe and is FLEETING so hold onto that feeling
  2. 98%
    You're past the annoyance of 99% being barely off from 100% so you're back to being happy about a full charge
  3. 85%
    Still safe still good but that 15% missing is a reminder of the reality of your phone battery's eventual doom
  4. 43%
    Feels safe idk why
  5. 50%
    Too even, can't trust it
  6. 33%
    You know you're close to hitting the low battery warning, but you're far enough away that you still feel okay checking snapchat (the battery sucking leech)
  7. 20%
    Ugh here we go
  8. 10%
    This one sucks but at least you get a warning
  9. 11%
    Is this just me?? Or does anyone else's phone randomly die at 11% all the time? Once I get to 10 I know I'm good for a while but 11 kills me
  10. 4%
    You've got three options here: 1. Don't touch your phone. You might need it before it dies. 2. Check mail, text a little, do some light battery work to keep yourself occupied at maximum efficiency. 3. OPEN SNAPCHAT AND WATCH YOUR PHONE DIE INSTANTLY
  11. (Side note how nice was that list within a list?)
  12. 1%
    I don't count 0% as a percent because then your phone is just a heavy piece of metal and glass. 1% is max stress, max hopelessness. You're donezo, don't even touch your phone.